Chris Rypkema, Studio for Graphic Design, New York, New York.

I collaborate with artists, designers, editors, photographers, musicians, writers, and cultural institutions to create exhibitions, identities, printed matter, publications, videos, and websites. I have worked with MoMA, MoMA PS1, Yale University Art Gallery, Linked by Air, Andrea Fraser, and 2×4 among others. I have served as a critic at Columbia GSAPP and teach courses related to graphic design at the School of Visual Arts, Rutgers University, and Parsons School of Design. For more information please email.

Cover image by Muxi Gao.

35 Independent Curators International
Annual Program designed in collaboration with Chris Wu at Wkshps. Cover dimensions are 8.5″x 11″

34 33 32 Interior Provocations: Memory
Poster and program design for an architecture symposium hosted by Ryerson University and Pratt University.

31 30 Tania Bruguera, Untitled (Havana, 2000)
A book designed and produced for Tania Bruguera and The Museum of Modern Art. Designed at MoMA Design Studio in collaboration with creative director Ingrid Chou, Claire Corey and Damien Saatdjian. The exhibition was curated by Stuart Comer and Martha Joseph. Cover dimensions are 9″x 12″

29 28 YAP
YAP is an independent art press based in Brooklyn. I was commissioned to design a flexible identity system to express the intimate and playful nature of the press. The logo is set in Desk Sans Regular, an unreleased typeface by Seokhoon Choi.

27 26 Even Magazine Issue No. 10
Even is based in New York and focuses on art, music, architecture and film in the context of the world’s biggest issues. Designed with magazine editor Jason Farago. Design concept and creative direction by Common Name.

25 24 Years of Film at MoMA
Identity and motion concept for 80 Years of Film at MoMA. Designed at the Museum of Modern Art with creative direction by Ingrid Chou.

23 Recent Photographs by Tim Schutsky
Photographer Tim Schutsky asked me to help curate a selection of his latest work for a digital publication. Together we arranged and edited his recent body of work based on shared formal themes. Cover dimensions are 8.5″x 11″ .pdf file size is 29.5MB.

22 Syracuse Architecture Thesis Prize
Publication for Syracuse Architecture Thesis Prize. Designed at Common Name with creative direction by Ken Meier and Yoonjai Choi.

21 larissapham.com
In collaboration with Larissa Pham, together we designed a website to list her latest projects. Relating to the artist’s book Pop Song, the design of the website takes inspiration from some of our favorite DVD menus.

20 Notes by Tracy Wan
Typesetting for Notes by Tracy Wan. Cover design by Mariana Nemer, published by YAP.

19 18 Being: New Photography 2018
Typography and design campaign for the biannual photography exhibition at MoMA, Being: New Photography 2018 curated by Lucy Gallon. Designed at The Museum of Modern Art with creative director Ingrid Chou and designer Kevin Ballon. Images feature artworks by Joanna Piotrowska and Matthew Connors, courtesy of MoMA.

17 16 15 Miu Miu Women’s Tales
Book, iPad app, and event invitation for eight short films featured in Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales. Designed at 2×4 with creative direction by Michael Rock and art direction by Sung Kim. Images feature photographs by Brigitte Lacombe.

14 Wax Magazine
Wax Magazine is an art, surf and culture publication based in Brooklyn. Designed at Wax Studios with creative direction by Zak Klauck and Dave Yun. The spread featured is from issue 4 Flux.

13 12 Pursuing the Unpredictable: The New Museum, 1977–2017
The New Museum’s 40th-anniversary exhibition presented a selection of past projects and archival documents. Typographic system for the exhibition, designed in collaboration with Wkshps. Curated by Alicia Ritson and Marcia Tucker Senior Research Fellow. Creative Direction by Prem Krishnamurthy and Chris Wu. Designer Julianna Santolucito. Photo Documentation by Maris Hutchinson, EPW Studio, Courtesy the New Museum.

Poster designed for Daniel van der Velden’s workshop at the Yale School of Art with Ayham Ghraowi.

10 9 Vicarious Trauma Toolkit
Design and typesetting for an information packet about burnout and vicarious trauma with artist and writer Larissa Pham. The toolkit is also available as a .pdf file for print on demand. 

8 7 Superstudio Postcards
A series of postcards designed at the Yale School of Art with Laura Coombs.

6 5 4 3 2 Beta-Real: The Materiality of Loss
Typographic system and exhibition materials for Beta-Real: The Materiality of Loss at Syracuse University School of Architecture. Designed in collaboration with Common Name and artist Linda Zhang. Creative direction by Ken Meier and Yoonjai Choi. Photo Documentation by David Broda. Images: Slocum Hall Marble Room, Syracuse University School of Architecture and detail of the artworks on view by Linda Zhang, Boghosian Fellow.

1 Triangle House
Identity and website for Brooklyn-based literary community Triangle House. I was commissioned to design a visual system that incorporated a bold, graphic logo and a vibrant color palette.

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